How To Maintain Your RV Fridge

The only way that you can ensure that your RV fridge lasts for a long time is if you maintain it well. Even though the technology that is used in building these refrigerators is reliable you can only have your fridge working in good condition for a number of years if you take care of it. The design concept of these fridges is quite good that whenever you get a failure on your equipment it may be due to the negligence of the manufacturer or maybe you have not been keeping it in good condition.

To maintain your RV fridge you should clean the burner frequently kitchenaid refrigerator repair los angeles. This burner or fuel is usually located at the back of the refrigerator behind a door. It is commonly attracts soot and rust with time. This sis what you should clean out when you notice that it has accumulated on the burner. When the burner becomes dirty it usually gives of a more yellowish flame, although you cannot see this flame. To clean it you have to remove the burner and then rub alcohol on it. Do this each year and you can be assured your RV fridge will stay for along time.

Another device that you need to check each time is the cooling fins. These cool9ing fins can be found in the unit near the top. To allow good air circulation in the fridge you need to keep it clean and straight. The work of this cooling fin is to let out the heat from inside to the cooling system so that the fridge stays cool. There comes a time the fridge is not cooling well. In most cases it may be that the cooling fins are not working or it may be a case of the RV fridge not level.

Another cause for the fridge not working well may also be that the seal on the door has become worn off and therefore the door is ajar. All these things have to be checked whenever you notice that your RV fridge is not working effectively. Whatever the problem may be you will need to make the right repairs before they damage the whole fridge.

Check your RV system for any leaks. This may be cause d by the corrosion of the fridges tubes or the generator. You will need to also check the other components that are usually found on the back of the fridge by opening the back door. It is possible to have a technician check out where the leak is coming from so that they may repair the damage.

When you want to use your RV fridge it is advisable to turn it on a day before you use it. This will help cool it down. Once you have come back from your trip you should remember to turn it off before you store it away. Furthermore the door of the RV should be left open so that the moisture is released. If you do not do this the moisture will create an environment for mould to grow. This will only serve to damage the refrigerator.

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